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Life related stuff

Air from mountains - Breath free

Time - just move

Big preparation - for the big preparation

Materials - in a material world

Идея на деня - За да не избледняват идеите и да се забравят

Хранене -

Software related stuff

Artificial Intelligence in software products - A way to increase the intelligence of a software product

Carpenters workshop - Toolbars and menus in software application. And ribbon controls

NoIf Programming - How to make faster applications with less IF operators

Object model - Object model in software applications

Component Business Logic - CBL - Reusable logic in business layer

List of CBLs

Undo Redo - Life is irreversible! Architectural notes about undo redo in software applications

Internationalization - We spik inglish! Know how related to the Internationalization

Сечения на обектите и системите - Групиране и разглеждане на обектите и системите в различни сечения

Данните в софтуерните системи - Структуриране на данните и работа с тях

Mathematics related stuff

Paths Basics

Square minus square - How an equation looks like in mathematics and in real world

Conquer sort - Fast sort of linked lists.

Line equations - One line - not just one equation

Together algorithms - Lets tango

Минимизация, максимизация - Волуме на мах

Тридиагонална матрица - Волуме на мах


Общо за кривите Малко е криво

Bounding box of cubic bezier curve Fast computation of the bounding box

Split cubic bezier curve into 2 parts Cut it into 2

Converting BSpline to Cublic Bezier curves Simple and fast conversion

Packing 2D

Strip packing 2D

Problems - why to strip pack


Outrun algorithm - Catch me if you can

Reverse double linked list - Quick change of the direction

Point in polygon - How to determine if a given point lays inside polygon

Polygon Line Separation - How to separate polygon by lines in every vertex

Areas relation - How to convert coordinates between two areas

Data compression path and data

Delphi components

DSGraphicRuler software component which allows the developer to provide rulers functionality in software application.

DSToolBar - a set of few software components which allow the developer to provide Tools functionality in software application.

DSFileManager software component which allows the developer to provide file management functionality in software application. Such as New, Open, Save, Save As, Save All, Close, Close All

.NET components

Software applications

Silhouette Designer - Software for designing clothes

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