DSGraphicRuler                 by Daniel Sapoundjiev  
DSGraphicRuler version
4 July 2009
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DsGraphicRuler is software component which allows the developer to provide
rulers functionality in software application.

  • Nice ruler with gradient colors
  • Provide functionality needed to easy arrange the rulers, according to the alignment of the ruler - top, left, right or bottom.
  • Configurable big, middle and small line steps.
  • Offsets on start and end with diagonal gradient corners.
  • Track for the mouse position.
  • Supports range from and to position.
  • Horizontal and vertical text for numbers.
  • Auto adjust the scale for the numbers.
  • Different measures - cm, mm, m, dm, inch, pixel.
  • Exe demo and demo project included.

Supported platforms: Delphi 5, 6, 7, 8, 2006

DSGraphicRuler.zip - Exe demo download [223 KB]

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