DSFileManager                 by Daniel Sapoundjiev  
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28 June 2011
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DsFileManager is software component which allows the developer to provide
file management functionality in software application. Such as New, Open, Save, Save As, Save All, Close, Close All

  • Easy to use. With few rows of code you have file mangement implemented;
  • Provides methods for New, Open, Save, SaveAs, SaveAll, Close, CloseAll;
  • Supports list of recently opened files;
  • Shows the list with recently opened files in menu;
  • Provides list with all open files;
  • Shows the list with all open files in menu;
  • Automatic backup of files;
  • Exe demo and demo project included;

Supported platforms: Delphi 2010, XF

DSFileManagerDemo.zip - Exe demo download [575 KB]

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