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One man must know what is real and what not in life!

Build the world from scratch

Let us build the world from nothing. Let us imagine that there is nothing. But not empty space, not vacuum. Absolute nothing, where even the space does not exists. Where even things that is possible to exist are missing. What can we do to build our world. Can we put some Love in this absolute nothing. Just to have a beautiful new world. A guess not! For Love we must have people to share this feeling. What can we put? Can we put a sheep. May be not! Where are we going to put it! We don't have a space or something that can contain a sheep.

In our world we know about three dimensional objects. And we guess that there is some kind of container for them, called space. So, let us put this Space in the absolute nothing. And then start to add planets, stars, comets. Just put them. Without any kind of movement. They will stay still but they will exists.

Lets move the objects in our new world

We can now start moving the objects that we added. Planets start to orbit around the stars. Wind starts to blow. And we can see that this picture looks exactly as the life we know it. Exactly as the life we see it. We have our world, without adding a time. And everything works. What a surprise!

Add time to the world

Let us add the time to our newly created world. ()

Why people feel the future and the past

(Todo: Moving and changing of the brain structure. Visualizing the changes made during the movement!)

How we measure time

(Todo: compare to the movement of Sun, cristal, electrons)

Time as facade of some movement

(Todo: time in front of movement. If there is no movement time can not be measured. Can not be seen!)

Some other thoughts

Saying I will do this job for one hour is like: I will do this job as one electron spins n-times in the atom. Is like, I will do this job as this animal makes 200 steps! It is like comparison to other movements!

I will do this for one day is like: I will do it as the Earth turns one time around its axis

It is interesting why in English people say 'One time' and it is countable!

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