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Processes where the internationalization take place

New project is started and we want to have it in different languages

New component is added and we want to be translated

New controls are added and we want to translate them

Some requirements

Can work without translation file

Can load the translation fast

Can load the translation only for the language we need

Translation files to be small

Translation to be implemented and maintained with minimum developers effort

Most common used translations to be separated and easily used in different projects.

Problems with constants

When constants are used and they are translated later some problems occur: One of them is in team work. Because every one writes in this file, very often needs to be merged. You have to write code to use them everywhere. Better solution is to have centralized logic which will translate the controls depending on their names.

Component development and internatiolization

Translation of specific component that will be used in different applications can me made once and be used everywhere. That is a requirement if we don't want to translate it in every project. For them we can make a separate translation files like - component.txt, component_en.txt, component_bg.txt. This files will come with the component. The only thing that developer has to do is to include the component.txt in the manager of the translation.

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