Daniel Sapoundjiev on
  Air from mountains

Breath free

How we live

In our life we made some facilitation like electricity and water in our house. We donít have to go everyday and bring water from far away. Or we donít have to buy some generators for electricity and store them in our houses.

What is the problem?

In the big cities we have another problem. The air is too dirty. And people donít sleep very well because of that.

What we can do?

So, what can we do? We can bring some fresh air from the mountains near by. For example if we live in Sofia we can bring some air from Vitosha, Stara Planina, Rila. We can use pipes that will bring the air. And people will choose from which mountain to have air in their homes.

On the streets

But itís not only for the homes. The big streets with a lot of vehicles can use that too.

In conclusion

When we have cables for electricity, pipes for water, why donít we have and pipes for fresh air for the mountains.

I share these ideas because life is too short and I have a lot to do. Maybe someone will make it for me and people I love.

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